Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

Auto Biography

My Name is Meliana, I was Born in 1992 in Jakarta, Indonesia, big city and beautiful in the Indonesia Countryside. I Have 2 sister and I live in Jakarta My elementary school at Taman Pejuang, My Junior High school at Yaperti and Senior High school at Galatia Internasional School.  

I work in PT. Orindo Alam Ayu (Oriflame) a Company Swedia From 2011 until now as Independent Oriflame Consultan. I Have a many partner with good attitude in this company, each we work hard be valued by Oriflame from that small until a big. My name club in oriflame is No Limited Club. I like this job because this company just no about money but work hard, attitude, look great, have fun, team work and other. Area Sales Manager Oriflame Sudirman branch stongly support our I proud of this company.  

My Hobbies is Reading novel, reading article, Play Piano, and play basketball. When I junior high school and Senior high school I ever been team basket in my class. my favorite team is Indonesia Warriors if I have free time in weekend I always watching compete team Indonesia Warriors at Sport Mall Kelapa Gading with my friend.

I Love My Family, my parents is my inspiration, spirit and motivation for work hard in oriflame. My work hard in oriflame for a realize they dream.

I Proud of God because make me strong, smile, and happines

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