Kamis, 07 April 2011

Bahasa inggris 2

A.Definition :
is a grouped meaningfully to express a statement question,exclamation.a generally more emphatic form of statement expressing emotion

B.Explanation :
command is the sentence that at use to express sentence instruction.command sentence usually stretch with word instruction.

C.Example :
1.Come here !
2.Try to speak english !
3.Study diligently !
4.be good to her !
5.be Careful
6.don’t not come here
7.don’t forget your lesson

A.Definition :
1.is a formal message requesting something that submitted to an authority
2.The verbal act of requesting
3.The act of asking for anything desired;expression of desire or demand;solicitation,prayer petition,entreaty
4.express the need or desire for;
5.ask(a person)to do something
6.inquire for (information)
7.to ask for(something);for express desirefor;to solicit,to request his presence,or a favor

B.Explanation :
Request is at use to express request and invitation that polite.

1. ask coming you to My room
2. Please help Me to do office Job
3. Do not look at it
4. Don’t be ashamed
5. Don’t be careless
6. Be a honest man
7. don’t be lazy

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