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Bahasa Inggris 2


Type comparative make from type positive that plus with ending –er or –r and prefix more.whereas type superlative in type from type positive that in plus with ending –est or –st and prefix most.

B. Explanation :
Section big Descriptive and Quantitative adjective have grade comparison to explain verb.
In English grade comparison on adjective mentioned The Degree of Comparison,that become 3 class :
1.Possitive Degree
2.Comparative Degree
3.Superlative Degree

Possitive Comparative Superlative
cheap cheaper cheapest
great greater greatest
tall taller tallest
high higher highest
near nearer nearest
light lighter lightest
Example :
a.Possitive Degree
*as + passive + as
ex: She is as beautiful as her siste
*no less + positive + than
ex :She is no less beatiful than her sister
*not + so+possitive + as
ex: His ruler is not so long as mine

b.Comparative Degree
*comparative + than
ex: My car is faster than his car
Jim is older than jane
This book is more expensive than that one
This blue pen is less expensive than the black one
c.Superlative Degree
*the + superlative +nouns + in
ex: He is the cleverest student in this class
*the + superlative + of
ex: Shi is the most beatiful of all the girls
*the superlative noun
ex: This is the most expensive car

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